Grounded Graphics -- Scott Sanders photography

Photographs and Images of National Parks, State Parks, Lighthouses, Nature, Structures, Hiking Trails, Art, Favorites,

Limited Editions


The policy below will apply to all photo's on the site

unless indicated differently below the photographs near the bottom of each page.


8x12 - Open edition - Unsigned

16x24 - Open edition - Unsigned

24x36 - Open edition - Unsigned


16x24 - Limited to 100 Signed, and Numbered, Dated

24x36 - Limited to 50 Signed, and Numbered, Dated

32x48 - Limited to 25 Signed, and Numbered, Dated


The idea is to make unlimited affordable copies available for people who like the photographs AND reward collectors and supporters for their contributions and protect their investments. If it's important to you, you'll need to contact me before you order to determine the current edition number available on each print.


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