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Order Prints

How to

Please contact me if you're interested in ordering a print/giclee, etc. Please

1. write down the image name(s) located under the photo(s) or contained in the jpg link, ie (cinp0001)

2. indicate the size of the prin(s) desired

3. indicate if you want them signed and numbered

4. email me at scott at the brittinggroup dot com.

Occasionally, I'm in remote locations and can't access the internet, or start the printing process. I will get back to you and process your order as soon as possible. Signed prints might take extra time for delivery, depending on my travel schedule.

Normal sizes are below:

8x12 - Open Edition

16x24 - Open Edition

24x36 - Open Edition

16x24 - Limited Edition (100 only) - Signed, Dated and Numbered

24x36 - Limited Edition (50 only) - Signed, Dated and Numbered

32x48 - Limited Edition (25 only) - Signed, Dated and Numbered


Contact me if you prefer a giclee print or want larger sizes of prints. It should be possible to go as high as 48" on the long dimension except were indicated.

Maximum size will depend on the original image size. Most of our images are 10.1 megapixel raw images and can be printed in large dimensions. Some of the images are shot at 6 megapixels.



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