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Benton MacKaye Sections 10 and 11

Pictures coming soon. Email me any shots you have, I'll pick a few good ones, and and I'll give you credit for them on this page..



Like all the other Benton MacKaye Trail sections, this one is pretty remote and does not get a lot of traffic from the masses. The solitude is only broken around the areas where it shares the treadway with other major trails in the Cohutta area, like the Jacks River Trail, and Hemptop Trail to Big Frog Mountain. Idon't remember seeing any campers, but a few good campsites. Water is available at the beginning of section 10, before the top of Big Frog Mountain at Double springs Gap and below the summit to the left of the trail. Near the end of section 11, you'll cross streams and have water options. The 1,000 foot climb in one mile to the top of Big Frog is the very rewarding crux of the hike. In winter, you can "see for miles". On the north of Big Frog, the ridge line descent by Chimmney Top has the closest thing you'll see to a "knife edge" in the east. This section is full of many different eco systems with the high/low, nort/south facing slopes.

This is one of my favortie BMT sections, but let's not tell too many people!


How to get there:

Take I 575, and Hwy 5 north, past Ellijay. Near the TN line turn left on Old Route 2. This will take you to trail head in Watson Gap. Retrace the drive back to hwy 5, turn north and go to Coper TN. Turn left in downtown and go to (I think west) on 68 or 64. head towards the Olympic Kayaking course and turn inton the driveway to the #3 power plant. The road goes next to plant and up a gravel road (for miles). At the dead end, turn left on FS 221 and go about .5 miles to the parking lot for the BMT. There is supposed to be a route from Watson to FS 221 through the woods, but we didn't risk it with all the bridge washouts we observed.

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