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Blood Mountain - Easter Sunday 2008


"rabbits" on the run! "turtles" in the rear

"weird things" - you'll see more

There's a trail here somewhere

Kristi and Karen

views to the south



"has anybody seen Scott?" Is he still dragging around in the back?

another Zen moment


"what took you so long to catch up (again)?"

More Rock pictures

And we're off again

Bird Gap Break


Trail near the TOP!



Hey wait, is that an Easter Island head? (today was Easter)


CCC shelter at the top


you never know who's watching


"Break" rock



Ed pretending to "rest", he ran up the mountain with no problems


Lucy striking a pose

Alt pose 2


This is what we were starring at





getting your picture taken while taking a picture

Bianca's first AOC trip - glad you could join us!

Yonah Mtn - Karen and Scott got married there! (honey, this one's for you)

the beginning of our arduous decent



This is how you smile when the photographer makes you say "Jack Daniels"


Karen and Camille sharing a moment


Twisted tree



Hey! Let's go climb that cool rock

King of the hill

begining of the insurrection!

the throne is in jeopardy!


More rocks


The photographer got distracted at the Walasi-Yi center and neglected to take any other photo's

If you need larger versions of a picture, shoot me an email. These are at 600 x 402 at 96 dpi.


Glad everybody could make the trip. See you on the trails again soon.



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